12 February 2017

♥ ~ Baby Has Been Shopping ~ ♥

Helloo-o helloo-o ~ !

During my hiatus I've been still buying new things even I was thinking that I'm going to stop wearing lolita.. like, there isn't any logic behind that lol? I've really nothing to say right now. Heheh the life has been the same as always - work, work, then couple of days off when I'm just sleeping, hitting the gym and moaning about boredom. Now atm we're baking with roommate and I'm trying to get this blog post done. Like. I've tried to publish this one like, two weeks already? How to hell you keep up with all this social medias??  How do you guys do that?? Have you sacrificed something to someone? Sold your soul? Left hand or your sister?

Lets the pictures do the talk here. 

That bag is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Disney, but I did not - yet - find any information about it. Lolibrary, you failed me! How dare you! Wing pin is from Peppermint Fox, and I adore it to the moon and back. When I found they had pre-order for this lovely piece of soul, I knew right away that I've to get it because it clearly belongs to Milky Swan (one of my dream dresses!) even I didn't own that dress - yet! You really don't believe how I love that gem. *.* Wrist cuffs and arm.. things, arm warmers? are from Angelic Pretty.

That was everything for now, till the next time ~ POK! 

04 February 2017

☆ Wonder Toy ☆

Nå men hejsan ~ ! Do not even ask when I happened to met with Saga while wearing Angelic Pretty's Wonder Toy in pink. (Lucky bag 2017, my very first!) I have this kind of itchiness that we were heading to drink tea and discuss about gravely topics as why the hell there's fifty shades of pink in every freaking release of AP and _nothing I mean _nothing_ matches like _ever!!

I've this unspoken goal for 2017, that I'll wear lolita once a week, and it means I totally will wear atleast 52 outfits this year - the more then merrier but we will see!

What you think about this outfit? Aaaaand do you have any goals for this year?? Month?? Spring??