12 November 2012

AP headbow ♥ (●^o^●)

Good evening little coffee beans~ ! I'm just hoping my earlier post from morning didn't scare hell out of you, did it? Well, I know how irritating it would be if some blog is filled only with challenge posts, I decided show you my latest stuff!
I bought it from Terrible. Although it's too dark for Dreamy Dollhouse (which is maybe the lightest lilac JSK ever!) , I've use for it! I'm sewing a skirt at school, ans it match with it perfectly! *happy happy* It's so cute, and! It's not as tight as my other AP/BABY headbows, it's time to say "goodbye" to "headbow"-headache! Or my head is smaller than earlier.. ( ゚ Д゚)/

Haha, but now. I've to get some hours of sleep! Good night, sweet dreams!


  1. oww that's such a cute headbow :3 i have wanted to praise your blog for a while and now i'm doing it; you are super cute and i really like your blog!

  2. Ohm..! Thank you for your sweet words! (*ノ▽ノ)


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