06 November 2012

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

Actually I'm not sure what "lolita bubble" means.. Eheh.. This is only my opinion what is "lolita bubble" ohhoo, stupid or something?

10 things about my lolita bubble?

For the first, Internet!
Without Internet I would be "closet lolita", or "only Ita". From Internet I've got all my knowledge about lolita. Especially Finnish lolita forum Enfant Terrible has been really really big help with my journey towards lolita!

So.. I should say the second bubble thing is Enfant Terrible? Gooosh, I sound so boring and veggie! Terrible is the only place, where I could be contacted people with same interests as mine. Hm..

Ummummuu.. the third is.. Conventions. I've visited on different conventions since 2009, and those days is devoted to frills, ribbons, lace and sweets! (And crisis with not enough poof pettis!) Conventions is also really great way to meet new lolitas from different parts of Finland.

The rest of bubble things cannot be in priority. So, I only list them with little comments.

Sleeping/daydreaming. I spend maybe too much of my free time just daydreaming and planing coords, what I would sew, how I would get my loli closet bigger.. How I should put my dresses up and so on.

Meetings. I've been only in two meet ups. I would want to go more, but I dunno. I haven't time, or money to travel. Ehem.. About year ago I was planing to attend my very first meet up. But. Uhm. It ended like this. I was "ok, I go, I'm loli enough!" and then the second time "NOOO NEVER they will laugh their butts off" *hides hides*, it was like that couple of weeks! Then, I decided. NO, I'm not gonna go. *ima sheep* I regret it. But, now I'm older, and I want to goooo ~ .
Oh, storytime! I also would want to host some (mini) meet up. But no, I can't. It would be so mess.

I'm just chitchatting here..?

Weekends, in my case the best time to dress up lolita. I'm afraid if I dressed lolita at school, then later I will found my precious AP in my sewing machine or even OVERLOCKER! Oh no, my sweet Dreamy Dollhouse. I can't even think about it!

Camwhoring. Although I haven't lolifriends, I've to say thanks to my friends over here; they are awesome towards my little lolita hobby. Yes, they're part of my pastel lolita bubble.

Hm also.. blogs, and tumblr, closet child. Like that. I think that was it. I don't know was this interesting or anything, but I don't mind. I'm just sleepy now. Good night ~!

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