09 November 2012

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita

So, you might noticed that I don't make this challenge everyday as it should be? It's because I don't want to spam your blog list and I've so much to do! Uh, so that means I've life outside of Internet? Meaningless chitchatting once again!

10 things I love in lolita?

For the first, I love that feeling which I get when I'm dressing in lolita. I get that feeling every time. I don't know how I would put this into words. I mean, I get more self-confidence, I feel better, cute, girly.. And that's far away those things what I'm for example at school (stupid & boring jeans, over-sized hoodie..)

I also love that spirit which surrounds lolita, all those frills, layers, all that effort which you put to use when you are dealing with lolita, was it then just making coordinates, or sewing some headbows, making jewelries, or when you are hunting your favorite items. I know that lolita is only "fashion", but that effort for that "only fashion" is kind huge, in exchange for "i just bought GT clothes 'cuz everyone else does". Yes, little mocker speaks on me.

For the third, I love that creativity what you have to and what you could do use with lolita. How you would bring it to your room decoration, coordinates, photoshoots..

For the fourth, cuteness. Alright, this short line stand out from above ones. Lolita is cute style. I mean, you don't wear lolita to show up your sexiness, am I right?  This cuteness-thing touches near my first section of this list, but I want to make own section for it. (The first was some kind of "feeling" part?) All those cute prints, little details, that cute shape of dresses and skirts, colors, ribbons, pearls, laces.. SO much cute things in one.

The fifth, the contrast against "normal people" on the street. It's just amazing, it's like lolita is from another planet or something like that. It's just.. so amazing!

The sixth. Well, of course I love skirts, JSKs, OP's and so on, so I don't thinks so I have to make own sections for those? Oh well, I just make it. It's just so incredible feeling when you get your purchases from post man, you are like "woooooooooow my bb mooooom is here ♥♥", even when you try to think  this from your parents/bf/gf/siblings view "this is only piece of fabric??? And you paid something like 300 € u insane". You can't, because it's the thing. It's exactly that dress! (Or coat, or petti, or something else.) Lolita clothes, is the sixth, even we are talking about now 10 things what I love in this fashion. Not lifestyle, or colors, etc.

Oh well, I don't think that I would put more parts. I think I'm said everything already, because my answers aren't that short! And now I just to harry up, it's school day morning..!

And yup, photos aren't mine, I took them from my tumblr.

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