12 November 2012

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

Yep, it's third part of that challenge. I'm just hoping I'm enough awake to make little bit more intelligent post than at the last time!(; ̄ェ ̄)So, the assignment goes "10 things you hate in lolita". Rrrright.

I've to highlight, that these are only my thoughts and opinion, from my own little view. Others are maybe seeing those things in different way or something, but ora yeah, that's my blog and my view of those things. ("Hate-post", pain in my ass!)

10 things you hate in lolita

1. I hate how impractical lolita actually is. I mean, I can wear it only when is "special day", I could not wear it at school. And I don't think that only short trip to local market is enough good reason to just dress up lolita! Alright, maybe I get then attention when I just sweep everything from shelf to floor? But naaah, I don't think that's worth of it. (No, I'm not fan of casual lolita.. even it would be answer to my problem) (So - I've make this problem, but blah.)

2. That's hard, I've nothing to write.. Of course I would complain "how hard it's to find item XXXX in color XXX", but I like that haunting.. Well, of course when some convention is coming and I don't find new socks it would be little "aaaaaarghhhhhhh!!!!", but I don't hate it? Also I would cry "my petti hates me", 'cause I really believe it hates me.. Oh actually.. I hate my beloved petti; it's waist is too big. But I would fix it. So, that's not problem.

3. I hate shipping time; it's always toooooooo long. I'm impatient person already, and when it comes to something like waiting some purchase; I'm jumping on walls.

4. I hate my sissy way; I'm dreaming about.. about everything! But then in the end I'm just "well... maybe not.. maybe on next month.. maybe after New Year's Eve... Maybe when I lay on my own crave.. Maybe then when I'm old enough.." LOL! It's my personal problem!  But it belongs to my "lolita life", so I've to write it down! 

Just skip it with that way!

4/5. I hate it how lolita is kind of "main point" in my life just right now. Lolita is the biggest reason why I drifted to this school. I don't say I "hate it", maybe it just makes me feeling little bit "odd"?

6. Milanoo - fuck that shit! I'm not never ordered there, but everything what I'm read or heard about that shit, it makes me so angry! I mean, how?! I'm just so mad, that aozåghadshbgasbgalkgd. !!! It drives me crazy.

7. I don't hate that, but it makes me little sad, that some reasons XX and YX, little indie brands, or hand made clothes doesn't get that attention what belongs to them. Yea yea, I know, I'm that one who wears AP and Baby and so on, but still.. I hope that on the future, I would use much more hand made items in my coords!

8. Uhm.. Sometimes I get that feeling, that "ok u're lolita, but why the fuck u like pics with boobs and bras and boys kissing each other why the f y u try to be Japanese kawaii shit?" or "u said that u're lolita but why the f u have that kind of nature/temperament u should be just quiet and act cute" It makes me just.. ugh.. I mean, lolita is fashion, not some cute home pet race, or nothing like that. I mean, we're also humans. Every lolita doesn't like things what I mentioned a few lines ago, but why be butt hurt because of it?

Especially that "y u try to be Japanese", oh heloouuu grow up, are then some Asian trying to be American if he/she wears jeans, or is she/he trying to be Swedish is she/he bleach his/her hair blonde?? (ok, I'm butt hurt with that issue.. No matter what.) Or hell yes, am I trying to be Saami if I like sautéed reindeer or something, geeeez.

And about that temperament; I've lots of temperament; and my temper is really short. And nope, I'm not quiet. So please you awesome people outside of internet and inside internet; no matter how you dress, what style you prefer, what's your gender,race or eye color: fashion is fashion, style is just style and world is global; lolitas are humans too (like those GT-girls also), we're our own temper and interest. It's not your business if lolita XD likes hentai and ecchi, or lolita XO likes video games and geeky stuff, or lolita XP likes tea and history. Just leave this behind and move to part 9.

9. Uhm.. I think I'm said too much already. I hate making hate-list, although it is part of that freaking long lasting challenge.

10. This fact, that I always want to make these posts in little hours of morning, or on the school day mornings, when you just should take care of your school bag, not making "I hate this shit in lolita"-post.

So, have a nice day. I've to go now.

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