14 November 2012

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

Onmonnoo, finally I reached food-section of this challenge! Food, come to me ~ ! Yeah, although I don't look that fat, I'm taurus, and taurus is knew as sign who prefers food almost over everything! So, lets make this shortly, because this would be really picture heavy. And my time has limit because of school, and even your patience had limit.

1. Milkshakes. I like maybe the most chocolate or strawberry milkshake, I'm not sure.

2. Noodles. I can't say why, maybe because you can make them with so many ways.
 (3.)I also like pasta.
(4.) And rice.

5. Ice cream, ice cream and once again; ice cream! So many flavors.. So many flavors which did not reach Finland. I like chocolate and cafe latte ice creams.

6. You didn't guess that I like chocolate, did you?

I also like fruits, and shrimp salad, different kinds of pies, Chinese food, salmon pasta, cookies.. I'm not really picky about food. Hm.. I mentioned twelve, but it's not bad, because I haven't picture for every food?  Aaaaaaand, making this post on morning makes me so hungry. I'm starving here right now. But heyyy ~ lets make our best today at school/work! Yep, I'm now really motivated with that school. Yesterday we started a new product. *chitchat chitchat*

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