20 November 2012

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

 Uhm.. Sorry that I've been that lazy with that challenge, but I got sick a couple days of ago. So I've just been sleeping and sleeping all days!  \(ToT)/

About that part of challenge, I've lots of "I want dat"-items, but  few is "I want that shit right now and I'm gonna haunt it now and forever or!!! I'M READY 2 DIE 4 IT!!, ok you maybe got my point? So.. I've making wishlist now uhm.. maybe couple of months, that I would someday show you what I really want. But.. that look so hopeless for me! I'm just like "uhm.. it's released on 2009, never gonna get it but heyy I've some JSK from -09 already.. But I'm NEVER see this anywhere..??" or "uh.. this looks so.. that no. Never." or "Uh.. that's perfect. TOO perfect." "no, that's perfect, but I can't coordinate without making myself look like.. Some.. Freak. Ok Bye bye beautiful." I sound little bit problematic?

But, hey, lets try figure out what my wishlist is right now! Or, maybe I should call this list "items which I like"? Maaaaaan, I dunno. Gimme everything, please.

Angelic Pretty.
I just know "why", I like that collar, and print is lovely.

I don't consider this kind of dresses as lolita, but as fairy kei. But whatever, I think that is really cute.
It's unusual that I like Innocent World's item..!
AP once again...

Wonder Cookie is "I'M READY 2 DIE 4 DAT!!" - item. Ok, it was, but then I realized that I'm too small for it. Ok, it still is. Maybe someday I'm big enough!

Angelic Pretty 

Angelic Pretty

AP's Dream Sky OP

AP's maybe the world's cutest bag.

I hope that I don't bored you to dead! But, have nice week! I'm going tomorrow back to school! And I'm so happy.(●^o^●)

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