21 November 2012

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

Hello once again ~ ! I've just super good day at school (although I made some mistakes with overlocker..Uh..!).  *\(^o^)/* How's your day? It's so dark outside already. Winter.. is here..! But so, lets start the sixth part of challenge; 10 things you can't live without in lolita! (I'm not gonna put "petticoat", "blouse" and similar stuff on this list, because everyone knows that you can't live without petti and so on!)

Okay.. lets get it started!

Circle lenses and fake eyelashes. Fake lashes isn't "must", but I prefer them. They gives nice little detail, and looks good. Circle lenses is "must", my glasses are so annoying.. they just drop off my head every time if I just move my head even little bit.

Wig. My own hair is so annoying, always stick out in different points, my hair looks like "yea I'm punk guy who has never brushed his hair and my mom and dad is goblins ~ ". Uh, yes , I hate my own hair. They are like hemp bush.

I don't know how point this. I mean, when you're dressing different clothes than mainstream people, they sure stares you. So, only complete, full outfits, with details and effort. And, stand it if people stare you. So, "make it worth their while" and walk with your frills like princess.

Drawing, I'm not gonna explain this like those others, it's just thing what I need in my lolita life.

Make up. Without make up.. i look like.. this

Heels, I need heels when I'm wearing lolita. I'm so short without them and then I feel like "yep, I'm that kiddo who rolls on the grass with her burando and steals others candies while they're talk over different tea flavors". I've some negation with my height.

And, of course internet (blogs, tumblr, etc.), photographing, and and.. (I need one more!) music.
Okay, now I've really good reason to be worried that you guys are bored! But but, hoping that we'll see on next time!(●^o^●)

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