27 November 2012

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita. (not so "loli"?)

Ohmgh, I've to say that's maybe the hardest part of that challenge! I make it clear now; I just don't walk around to find lolita inspiration or something like that, my music taste is so far away of "Real Lolita", that uuuuugh.. No, I'm not fan of orchestra - or classic music, I'm not keen on Moon Kana, Mozart, not Malice Mizer or whatever.  I don't understand violin or nothing like that. I can't even draw notes..

( I'll make later post about getting inspiration for lolita. )

So... Because I listen a lot music, and I find some things about my favorite songs, maybe that's not that hard? Well.. I listen k-pop and some j-rock bands, but nothing else. Keep going, you can do it. *encouraged herself*

Super Junior M - Super Girl
I find that song somehow really supportive, it gives a nice little tempo while you're wandering on the town. It makes me feel really good and (now you will laugh, I promise!) somehow important.

Also SHINee's Lucifer. It gives me feeling like everything is possible, it's some kind feeling which lolita gives me; full of chances.

Face from NU'EST; keep your head up, always there will be persons who will dislike and judge you. It doesn't matter. Just keep going.

Little clearance; maybe you're already notices, that music gives me feelings, associations, and makes me feel more confident; like I would have more power!

An Cafe's Snow Scene. I found that really beautiful song, somehow really fragile, but strong. "Like a lolita", I think: You're dressed like finest doll, but inside of you (is some freak who is just haunting perfect closet) is something really strong! It would be whatever, depends on person.

Tell Me Goodbye from BIGBANG. It's really sad, I almost every time cry when I watch that MV. To me, even this sad song I found some connections to lolita. I found also lolita somehow sad. All those maybe little childish prints, lace, doll-like.. Like somehow lolita is dreaming about past times, I don't mean that every time is about childhood days, But Victorian and Rococo times. It's like yearning to past. And, as I think lolita is protest to nowadays picture of woman, I found it sad; the world is went to that point.

The five next songs which I'll mention, I listed because they make also some kind feelings like those five, or I only like them and I've good memories from those songs.

Super Junior M's Perfection. Little bit mixed reason, it gives that "tempo" and "attitude", but also great feeling.

Superstar from Tohoshinki, it "wakes up", it could easily get you really hyper and happy. ~

Bonamana from Super Junior, *memories*, gives boost to almost everything.

Dolly's Gothic Party. Rrrright... I can't give explanation for this one. It's just.

// I have made this now something like four hours, 'cause I've to went school also. ლ(((°д°;)))ლ And now it ends like.. this.

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