27 November 2012

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita

(You should never say "never"!! ლ(((°д°;)))ლ )

Okay, I have made already today's part of challenge. I started to make this one, because I'm trying to get my sleeping habits back to more healthier. So.. "Day 9 - 10 things you will never do in lolita", it would be easier if that would be "what you still do in lolita"..!

That's pretty hard, 'cause I don't turn my personality to "lolita" while I'm wearing lolita, you get my point? Of course I would write some lines like "I don't kill animals in lolita" or "I don't burn forest in lolita"; but that sounds like bitching..? And really stupid, I don't do that kind of things. But but.. ten things.. And my mind is empty.

I would write here "I don't go horse stables or airplane in lolita". In stables you just get your all clothes covered on.. dirt. On airplane lolita just took too much space. 

Hm.. Also I would want to avoid that situation that you're going some one's really special event. You ask why you don't want to then be dressed on your best? That's only my opinion, but I don't want to take this persons highlight away with my dresses. Of course, this would be solved with different coordination - but when my style is sweet lolita and it's little bit outstanding it would take away that highlight. But! If that person asks me "heyy of course you come with your kawaii dresses?? :3", then of course I go with my "kawaii dresses". That's different then.

Of course, while I'm wearing lolita I don't sit here and there, I don't - usually - run like headless hen. But still I swing my hands and arms like a windmill, still I may speak bad words.. Still I may walk towards red lights, and so on. Uh.. I have to soon end this challenge - or you will know how difficult and boring person I'm and you stop following me! 
∑( ̄□ ̄;)! 

Well, like it shows up already; I will never go to school in lolita * overlocker ♥♥♥ is in my nightmares the best friend of my sweet burando ♥♥♥ * In lolita I never would want to travel a long time! I mean, already 1,5 hour to meet up in lolita is little bit too much! My petti says "no", and make up says "hahhaa you tried" and I'm "well.. I've my really cute dress with really bad wrinkles.. Have to love..", you get it?

Oh yes. I wouldn't go to Tuska Festival here in Finland, or Ilosaarirock or that kind of festivals; I'm sure I just will ruin my dress. If some one Finnish lolita has already went Tuska or another ones, mind s/he tell me what kind of experience that was?

As you're maybe already noticed, I don't get my mind what I "will never do in lolita", that's because I think that you have to use your own head; of course you aren't going to climb to Mount Everest, or trying to kill animals. And I don't believe "chancing" personality to lolita-personality.

The things, I will never do in lolita is same while I'm not wearing lolita. Till example I will not smoke, do drugs, bully some one, or steal something. It's that simply and what I've done? Spent almost an hour thinking "what I will not.. never... in lolita.. what? Would I write I will never sleep in lolita??" And yeah, long, long post and pics doesn't get along with text.

Ah, and ohaii to new follower. 
It's so rare happening there.. Woah.
But, now. Good night, have to get some hours of sleep!

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