30 November 2012

Pink AP Blouse ♥

Hello, how's your day today? (•‿•) I'll make now really short and quick post, because I've been spending money ~ !
That AP's blouse is from Terrible, and I'm extremely happy about it. I've been looking for light pink (and also lilac..) blouses for ages, the main problems are sizing; usually too big or if it small enough it has just..wrong types or really ugly corset system on back (I don't know how to tell it clearly..). I mean, blouse goes to ugly bags because I've to fold it so. I don't know do you get what I'm murmuring here, but nevermind!
That blouse is *love*. ( ゜3゜)ノ♪ 

Ah, and yes! You remember I was complaining about my real hair? Well.. Because I've taken (too many) loli photos in hurry (product card, new stuff etc.), and because that I haven't wearing any of my wigs. I've been start to think that my hair isn't that bad? If I just style it more..? Uh dunno.

What.. I look so bitchy! *I'm looking you soooo down!*

You guys liked to shock me, right? I've gained a new follower? ( ゜▽゜) Awesome! Welcome welcome take seat do you prefer tea or coffee or just milk do you wanna pet a cat is it good now do you wanna some cookies? oh yes.. 10 pm is maybe too late to me write a blog post..! But but, good night!

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