30 December 2012

[ 12 - 30 - 2012 ]

Tired already to my double/triple post? I've too much free time right now, and oh yes. If I don't make silly and boring blog posts,then I spent all my money on eBay.. I'll promise you when my holiday ends and I'm back to school, I'll not spam you like this!

Today I went to visit on my grandparents. I also tried to find new counterpane, but I haven't lucky this time.

blouse: Angelic Pretty || skirt, shoes, bag, coat: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright || hat: hand made by my grand grand mother 

I also tried new make up..

Oh yes! I feel really stupid! I've gained a new follower! I'm sorry I'm not said nothing about you! But wow fantastic! Take seat and have some cookies. 
Also..I don't know if I have time to say this tomorrow.. But!

To my adorable followers!!
Thank you for this year!


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