17 December 2012

Christmas Village

Hello hello! How's your Monday? Waiting for Christmas? Already ironed your burandos for Christmas dinner? I'm not.. I'm not going to wear lolita, because I'm gonna travel to visit my dear grand grand mother to Lapland and I'm quite sure that I'm gonna die there because of cold. I'm going on train and I've only seat place. And I'm afraid of thieves!! (And I love to sleep in train..)

Oh, but lets forget this anxious and lets face what I've to show you ~ !
Earlier on last week I was asked on FB that if some local lolis would want to just come and meet, without bigger plans. I was really sure, that no one will answer to my message.. but I was wrong!

Saturday 12/15/12
We went to "Christmas village" what have built in centre of city. That day was so so so cold! it was horrible.. 

Mademoiselle Parapluie and me.
Black and pink.
And I don't know how it happened.. But somehow we found ourselves with Santa Claus while some people was taking pictures. And Santa called us "Barbie" while he talked to some little children. I don't know. (My friends laughed their butts of when I told them about "Barbie"..)

Coat, bag, boots: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Earmuffs : KappAhl

Blouse, skirt: Angelic Pretty
Tights: KappAhl

Uh, I was kinda of brandwhore..! But I've great time with these local lolitas. I would want to just write some kind of essay about last Saturday. It was so so long time without any kind of connections to other lolitas! 

Oh,  I got those photos from Asio Otus.
Thank you and just wait for Christmas!


  1. you are so sweet ! i love your outfit :)
    and your blog is very nice ~ <3


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