22 December 2012

Day 14 – A picture of your dream item.

Finally, the lolita challenge shall continue! I've been lately bit down, but soon I'll be back to my normal, hyper (and odd..?) myself. But whateveeeer. Today's issue is "a picture of your dream item", as I'm already write about my wishes and "problems" with dream items.. One day I woke up and noticed, that omg I've so so so many dream items, dresses, blouses, prints.. shoes, socks!? That, today when I thought "I'm gonna continue" I realized that ow... man I don't what's the very most dream item, what I'll show you.

Le surprise (or not..), it's AP's 
Chess Chocolate

I like the whole series of Chess Chocolate. I don't know how to explain this. Actually, very first I didn't like Chess Chocolate, I even thought that was bit odd.. (I mean.. what the hell I've been thinking??) But nowadays I found it really sweet and gorgeous. I mean; come to my closet right now!!

But, that's everything right now. Thank you for your time. ~ 

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