29 December 2012

Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?

Make a peace, leave the past behind me, learn from it and make my life better. That's pretty personal right now, but I think that it's true; you can not deal with others if you can't deal with yourself.

And yes.. of course, I want to walk-in closet full of pretty dresses, and a unicorn, and maybe two of unicorns, and really really pretty home. Hm.. And more kittens, a white ones and black ones, and mocca master, a mansion, that Ciel Phantomhive is my son and I've a garden where's apple trees and cherry trees and lots of light pink roses and not-forget-me-flowers and.. Hm.. I mean, that I've three mansions; one for my little kittens, another for myself and my kawaii life-stuff and that last one you ask? "For my guest". And that I will be breeder of unicorns, and I would live in some rally pretty town, somewhere where isn't that cold. That's reality what I want.

She's reason to my not so smart- post and spluttering.

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