30 December 2012

Day 18 – A picture of your favorite lolita style.

Sweet lolita. That was pretty obvious?
I also like classic.. but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't suit me. I think my features aren't enough "classic". Oh yes, so sweet lolita is my favorite lolita style, and that all because of BABY. It's like every one fell in love (.. sweet lolita..) with BABY, but in the very end they will end up with Angelic Pretty.
"Oh dear, AP takes all those chicks.."
I haven't proper reasons why "sweet lolita", because every lolita style pleases my eye, if is carried out with good taste. But something in sweet lolita just speaks to me stronger than others. I mean, I'm not always been "princess-like pastel monster", I've been shocking "depressed teenager" without any kind of sense of good taste or colors (it was... black.. black ugly hoodie.. black ugly jeans.. black ugly heavy metal-hairstyle.. ugh, I was so ugly and horrible view back then!) . Maybe that's why I like so so so much sweet lolita; it's so huge contrast to those black years. Oh yes, and those light colors are more "me", I feel really good wearing those baby pink dresses and bows and frills.

And that's all this time, I'm going to see my grannies.  Have a nice day!

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