07 December 2012

Wonder Party ♥

Hellooo my little coffee beans! How are you today? I'm quite happy. I decided that tonight I'll get challenge's day 11 finally to end! It's still process.. but I try my best! It will be surprise! Hopefully you will not be disappointed with it. But yeah, I didn't come here just chitchat, I have to show you something.

You maybe remember I was murmuring that I'm too small for my dream dress? Yes, is still true, but guess what? Angelic Pretty's skirts are little bit smaller than JSKs, so.. SO! I finally get my Wonder Party in pink!! Woah, I'm so excited!! It's only little bit too big, but not too much and woah awesome, it's perfect!! I'm sorry, but I'm so excited! I mean, I wasn't sure about to buy a skirt, I like more JSKs, but yes, I don't regret. That's so comfy to wear. And and.. Yes.

Teehee, happy about piece of fabric, why not?

What, you guys gave me heart attack today! I've gained a new follower? A-aaawesome..!! You really are awesome, everyone of you! I'm wordless right now, I'm just like fish here, mouth open and eyes round like plates.

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