22 January 2013

Cchuboi's Wardrobe pt. 2

Good evening! (or morning, or something..!) It's time for the last post about my wardrobe. So, without longer speaks, lets continue!

Baby the Stars Shine Bright coat (and a cat..)

Angelic Pretty's Yumemiru Macaron headbow, AP's some unknown headbow, and Baby's polka dotted headbow.

BABY's headbow with pearls, and hand made carousel headwear from Etsy

AP's some.. heart shaped fluffy stuff headwear, KapphAl's earmuffs, some random ribbon from Ninja, and Chocomint's mini top hat.

Detachable bows: Angelic Pretty heart pocket skirt, Wonder Party
Handmade headbow (by me), BABY's detachable bow from The World's Most Adorable Dog And The Most Delicious Frappe skirt
& some hand made headbow from really lovely seller from Enfant Terrible

Part of that stuff what I would add to my outfits

My only ones socks; AP, BABY, AP. I use more tights..

BABY's winter boots, others are from BODYLINE, but on the upper shelf is high heels from Kookenkä.
Yup.. That's everything right now. I'm looking for more shoes, because I'm kind of shoe addict (I've only 28 pairs of shoes.. ). And oh yeah, you know that fact.. When you're stepped into lolitafashion.. your closet is never done.

Okay, bye byee ~ !


  1. Aww, you have lovely and cute and sweet wardrobe ^^ What's your cat's name or race is? o.o He/She looks beautiful ♥

    1. Than you sweetie! :3 Her name is Chichu and she is domestic cat, mixed of angora and some other breeds. ♥


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