04 January 2013

Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?

My too small make up bag.

Yay, it's challenge's day 19! Only 11 days left! *lets gonna party now* Oh, it's also Friday, have you a great plans for weekend? And how was your week? My school started again on 2nd day of January - oh yes!! That's first post on this year! 

*♥  Happy New Year 2013  ♥!!*

But, back to business. Day 19's issue is what's in my make up bag. That will be pretty picture heavy: my make up bag contains lots of stuff. For the first I thought that I'm gonna just mention those products what I use the most. But! Because I make almost every day different make up, I use lots of different products during one week.. so.. There's plenty of photos on this post.

~ Those make up products what I use the most

LUMENE  blackest black extra volume mascara || RIMMEL london sexy curves || some random eBay mascara from friend (my favorite one..!)
wetnwild H2Oproof liquid eyeliner || wetnwild kohl & eyeliner || Viva La Vida eyeliner stick 1. Midnight || RIMMEL london eyebrow pencil dark brown (I use also as kohl..) || LYRA kohl some random light brown (I use also as eyebrow pencil...)
HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Bloom bb cream || RIMMEL london Stay Matte powder (transparent) || LUMENE matifying primer
Keep going! That's almost done! 

LUMENE natural code trio eyeshadow palette || MAX FACTOR modernist pink eyeshadow ||some really really random eyeshadow palette from Seppälä

WE CARE icon magnetic lips 24 || LUMENE super gloss lipstick Join the Dance (20) || WE CARE icon magnetic lips 18 || MAKE UP STORE dust & pretty baby

dust ||| pretty baby || magnetic lips 18 || magnetic lips 24 || LUMENE natural code lipstick soft papaya  (I forgot it from the first pic)|| join the dance
Woah! And it's done now! I promise; I will not buy any cosmetics for long long time. I mean.. three of mascaras? How..?
And you guys gave me again a huuuugeeeee shock! I've gained new followers? AWESOME! Just take a better position in armchair and have a piece of strawberry shortcake; I'll promise this year will be pretty long!

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