09 January 2013

Day 21 – Your favorite fictional lolita.

Alright! I'm really sorry about that I haven't keep updating this blog, although a school have started.. But I've to tell you my little coffee beans; I have really really busy schedule at school on that moment! It takes all juices out of me. 
But but.. Now I'm back to keep lolita challenge going! It's day 21 - my favorite fictional lolita.

I think that my choice is little bit more different than usually. I'm not saying here that all lolitas pick ups Kamikaze Girls' Momoko (her name was Momoko.. I can't remember!) or Alice or something like that.. But I still think that my choice is bit different..!

Princess Princess from Mikiyo Tsuda
Yeah! I chose Mikiyo Tsuda's manga Princess Princess (also anime and live action!). Those lovely boys have to dress up like girls. They aren't (bro)lolitas, but they have pretty much lolita (or lolita inspired..) clothes.

My reasons to this choice was quite simple; I like manga, and I like that manga really much. AND ! Those characters are so lovely, I also like Mikiyo Tsuda's art.

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