19 February 2013

Desucon Frostbite: Sunday ♥

Hello my lovely coffee beans ~ ♥ How was your day? I made this post really soon after the last post, what you think? Have to make post ASAP when I still have energyyyy ~ .. So! I'm going to show you my outfit for Desucon Frostbite's last day!

hat: made by me || cape: F+F || boots: BtSSB
I look like female-Hagrid with this wig?

everything else from AP but the bag is from MILK
Haha, that hat was pinned only with two poppy pins..I tried also to pin it with some ribbon clips -  it was useless try. I was afraid the whole day that my hat will drop off.. My whole weekend was filled with fear of dropping off.

Close up photo of my make up (circle lenses ♥) and that hat
But that's everything for this time. Thank you for your time! ♥
Ah and oh yes! I've gained a couple of new coffee beans followers! Welcome, welcome take a seat and enjoy a .. a.. show! There might be a cookies, but there's also cats.


  1. Olitpas söpönä myös sunnuntaina :3

  2. Cute ouffit! I really love your hair ♥

  3. Hajosin ihan totaalisesti tolle female hagrid-jutulle! XDD

    Huomasin sut ohimennen mut en kehdannut juosta sun perään silleen MOIMOI, mut toivottavasti törmäillään joskus jossain. :D

    1. Haha, hyvä että joku muukin hajoilee. :D
      Juu! Toivottavasti törmäillään vielä!


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