24 February 2013

Helsinki Lolita Convention 2013 ♥

Hi my dear coffee beans! Today I make (too short!) post about Helsinki Lolita Convention (Hellocon), what is the very first lolita related convention here in Finland! Awesome! That convention was organized very well and I really enjoyed my time there. Unfortunately I spent only few of hours there, because I had other business here and there. And oh well.. I think that I have caught cold earlier on this week and yesterday (when that convention was hold) I didn't feel very well. I hope that I didn't scare shit out of anyone with my really grumpy expression!

Here's some pics from Ehdotonta eleganssia (unquestioning elegance) - fashion show.

I also took apart in Lolita∞Complex Q&A. Tocco was so sweet! Haha, I really enjoyed my time..!

But lately I will make post about my own stuff from Hellocon, but very first I try to get my throat better..!

Thank you for your time!


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