04 April 2013

Bad luck D:

Hi ~ ! 
Short post about my bad luck..! My laptop broke down some days ago, okay almost week ago, so this blog will run in really really slow motion right now!

Haha, and now I've bit time, I would chitchat about my stressful day. Today I've my report session about my  on-the-job learning.  I'm so nervous. Gonna faint there..! Hopefully not. I'm really really nervous.. I said it already, I'll get headache with this.. Oh no. "Hello teacher ahgps ugh sorry have to ruuuuuun 'cuz gonna puke". Well, you maybe did't get this joke.

Some awesome phone pics here ~ !

My make up when I went to b-day meet of Asio otus

My make up on Desucon Frostbite (Saturday)
Haha, got enough my face?
But now, I've to go to collect my stuff and run to the catch the bus! Please, be patient with me, and thank you for your time!


  1. AWww noi sun Frosti meikit On todella söpöt X3 ja toivottavasti hyvä onni suosii sinuaki sitten jossain baiheessa :)

    1. Kiitoksia..! (>/////<) Ja se onni kohtaa kohta. Kyllä. Pakosti. :D


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