11 April 2013

I'm here again!

Hi you little coffee beans!
Haha, guess what? I'm ba-aack! Today I bought new computer. My very first own computer. Omgh, am I old then? I'm so happy happy, my paper works for school is much more easier to do now! (hahahaha, and I don't die for boredom anymore..)

Oh yes, I don't want just to talk about my lovely little computer right now.. I've something to show you!

During my spring break I had too much time to die for boredom.. So I decided to try different make ups for lolita! (Without false lashes, without circle lenses and so on..) That inspired me to dress up lolita for long long time! Hahaa, and I really get that feeling I can't anymore pull out good outfit. Ugh, okay lets stop that whining! (and wore more frills!)

blouse: handmade by school mate || skirt: Angelic Pretty || tights: KapphAl | shoes: Bodyline || headwear: made by myself
I really had a really hard time to figure good coords for that blouse! I think that would go very well with Colorful Hearts, I've to try on next time!

Some make up attempt without false lashes. Yup, I'm really pale and every make up foundations/bb creams are just way too dark/orange for my freaking skin.. I have to find little bit better pic!

But! Thank you for your time "once again"! I'm really happy that no one of you didn't run away - yet!


  1. Aaaaww, syötävän suloinen asu. Tuo päähine on ihana ja hiuksesi täydelliset. Näytät supersuloiselta molemmissa kuvissa! Ihana blouse. ^^ upea asu <3 olet yksi lempilolitoistani. Pidän tyylistäsi hirveästi.

    1. Apua kiitos sinä suloinen pieni otus. (>////<) Haha, kyseessä on jälleen peruukki! Omat hiukseni eivät taivu enää lolitaan. D: Täytynee kertoa kaverille että hänen tekeleensä sai kehuja!

  2. Olet suloinen :)
    Olen itsekin hyvin kalpea, ja suosittelen ebay:tä :D
    Minulle sopivat täydellisesti kalpeimmat sävyt erityisesti korealaisista meikkibrändeistä.

    1. Aww kiitoksia sinä suloinen anonyymi!
      eBayhin olen itsekin turvautunut, mutta osaisitko suositella jtn merkkiä? :D


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