21 April 2013

Sunny Saturday ~

Hi you little coffee beans!
 I had super good Saturday with my friends. They spent whole weekend in my place and I've really good time with them.On that Saturday we decided that hey lets go to town do little shopping! That was really great opportunity to dress up lolita!

And that's what I wore.
|| JSK, blouse & socks: Angelic Pretty (Colorful Hearts) || bag: MILK ||
 headwear: made by me and little hair clip is from some local market || shoes: BODYLINE || ring: micmac ||
That weather was really great and I've to joke to my friends that "yep, it seems that today isn't any kind of lolita meet up, or anything Japan related conventions in Lahti, because the weather is so great!". Finnish readers know that always there's "Desucon weather" when something happens which is somehow related to above things (like manga, anime, cosplay, lolita etc.).

We also went to eat some Chinese restaurant! I was so so so happy, because the last time when I ate Chinese food was almost year ago!

Thank you with your patience with me! And thank you for your time!


  1. Ihanaisen suloinen asu ♡
    Eilen oli kyllä nätti päivä..ihanaa kun on kevät!! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

    1. Kiitoksia. (:
      Keväääät ~ ! Vihdoinkin täällä..!

  2. Olitpas suloisena liikenteessä :3

  3. I love your outfit! It looks so perfect *o*

  4. You're outfit is adorable ! I'm usually not fond of this dress but you're so adorable wearing it (^0^)

    and the food seems delicioux, you make me want to eat Chinese food *o*


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