01 May 2013

Milky Planet re-release

Hi my little coffee beans ~ ! Almost everyone knows already that Angelic Pretty's Milky Planet will be re-released soon. I  know I know, I don't usually talk about brands' new coming prints or re-releases (that's my very first time!), I don't see that I've need to act like I've knowledge about these things, or that I've possession to act like some too holy lolita creation who lets her holy awareness to wash over her followers.. (Yup, that's the way how I see when some ones blog is filled only with that kind of post. And yup, I maybe sound little bitchy here, but too much that kind of post is too much. )

But this time I've to make some remark for this re-release, and it's because of good memories. "When I was just little little girl, who dreamed to became a cute sweet lolita.. She founds some incredible fascinating print.. called Milky Planet", and that was the story. Yeah, I would say "my long lost (print) love". If I think that DDC looks bit messy, this goes into same category.

I think that print looks little light-headed, like no worries just some rainbows and happiness, filled with diabetes risk and with playfulness. I don't know will you get any hint of what I'm blabbering here, my own thoughts are just flying over here and there. Milky Planet looks happy and carefree, and that what lolita is for me. For example Dreamy Dollhouse is also cute, but somehow I get feelings of stagnation and Peter Pan-syndrome of bit spoiled kid, who is forced to take step toward adulthood.

AM I THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT LOLITA RIGHT NOW? Please, don't think that I'm so odd kid without any sense of brains. 

What you think about re-releases? Are they just shitty way to lessen original releases re-sell price, or are they great opportunity to get your dream print, is it nice to get same print put in different form (I mean.. in this re-releases there isn't that cute "gingerbread" collar. So sad.. It's cute.) , or means re-releases nothing to you?

But hey..! That's everything for this time ~ ! I'm going to dress up and then I'm going to the may Day dinner. Have a nice May Day, the spring is finally here! Hooray! And only five nights and then it's my b-day..

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