26 June 2013

[6.26.2013 twinkle carnival]

Long time no see ~ ! I've been such lazy ass with blogging. My summer vacation started pretty fine; I visited on my grand grandmother on Lapland, I spend the best mid-summer festival of my life (thank you my adorkaple friends ♥ ) and my roommate moves during next week! Uh.. what else? Nothing that interesting.

Today I dressed lolita, and it was first time after Hypecon. Literally, I was really disappointed with my outfit for Hype, and that was one of the worst coords which I've made after my oh no first attempts of lolita back then. But always you can't win, right?

So, stop that meaningless blabbering about some old thing you might think. Well.. Today I went to Central to meet my becoming roommate! ♥ It was really hot day; 30 degrees! No! Finnish people is not made for heat! I was really sure, that I'm going to faint.. But thanks god that didn't happen. My friend jokes that if I'm going to faint she ain't going to carry me and my killer pettis..(She has some antipathies towards my pettis?)

Uuurgh.. I'm just chitchatting here, please, be patient with me.
blouse, bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
skirt: Angelic Pretty, Twinkle Carnival
socks, headwear: some local shops
shoes: Bodyline

For long time new circle lenses! I kept my make up really simple, because of heat, and dunno. I like it. That enough for reason to keep it simple.

We went to Ciao Café to eat some ice creams; the best ice creams of town! Mine was Choco Berry and friends, dunno, I was too busy with my own.. And later we eat some vanilla milkshakes in Hesbuger, because being fat is my goal for life.

But.. That's everything for this time. Remember drink enough water and eat bit healthier than me..
Until next time ~ !♥


  1. Nätti tyttönen olet (8 Ja ihana laukku!

    1. Kiitoksia (>/////<) ja tuo laukku on kyllä aarre + tilaihme..!


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