06 June 2013

Baby Pink Purchases ♥

Hi ~ ! Long time no see, eh? How's your week been? Mine has been pretty busy; babysitting some adorkable dog!  I so so  so so prefer cats, my little babies here. Yes, I like also dogs (and bunnies ♥), but I can't even imagine that I would own a dog.. It would be like.. disaster.  I've run between two apartments, some old drunkards had been watched while I've run with a dog (uuught.. they smell so bad and that way how they speak to me and my dog and aaaargh, you know that "heyy pretty girl come to sit with us!! lets have fun!!  and they're like.. twice as my age). OK, that's everything about my week now, lets move the main point!

During last month (eh.. weeks) I've made some purchases.  
Lets take a look!

Shoes and blouse are from local community's sales, head band from Seppälä and falsies from eBay.

And oh yes I spot you my new coffee beans!  Welcome welcome lets have amazing summer! A n d, to my older followers, yay keep going! ♥ (I try to keep that blog alive.)

(mood: hyper)

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