09 June 2013

Outfit for Hypecon ♥

Allllright..! Yesterday was Hypecon, it was my first time at that convention! I've really great day, even the start of that trip wasn't that good.. Very first when I left my home, that bus which took me to the Center, was packed with some 10-15 year old girls, something like fifty of them in that bus.. It was.. horrible. They just yelled and screamed, I mean, what is point of it?

Never mind, that main point of story is our lovely VR! (VR is our Government's Railway) My Finnish readers know that VR thing, "by walking you are faster on your destination", so our train just died in the middle of journey.. In the end I was late about half an hour than what was meeting time.

Well.. In the end everything went very well; I had really good time whit my old friends, we hang out on the con area, then we just went to some cafe for couple of hours, we had really good time. In the end of day I shared my way back with local loli and finally when I arrived back my home; three cats were here waiting me.

blouse: Anna House || skirt & socks: Angelic Pretty || headbow : Baby the Stars Shine Bright

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