15 July 2013

Piece of cchuboi's life

"Who is the most inactive and laziest piece of blogger who still spends too much time only hanging on Internet?" *carefully puts hand up* Yeah, me. About that photo above that nonsense, my dear friend made by herself one pair of lace gloves for me. It might be my graduation present or my birthday present some years ago. She said that she has too much free time, so she has made those gloves and some lace tablecloth for me. She is so sweet and I miss her so so so much. Hopefully we will see soon!

I don't know, that post is somekind of "hello there's some poor pieces of my life 'cuz I try to keep that blog alive 'cuz some unknown reason that blog gets so many views per day even I did nothing so that's also hey thank you guys but how u did it?" - post. 

(Almost) just kidding, I got some challenge from Ludmilla some times ago, so that perfect opportunity to make it! I'm not going to admit that I'm sucker for different challenges..

1. Do you have any idols. If yes, who are they?
- Uh.. that's really bad. I can't say that yes I've or no I haven't. If we speak about "fashion" or "style" idols, I've to admit (like almost everyone on that freaking internet world..) that realisticsweet makes maybe the greatest coords for sweet lolita, but well.. Like I write million years ago that I don't have proper idol for lolita (or anything.. ehehhee..), I just find different persons inspiring, like I would go to meet up and I see there some unknown lolita and in my mind I'm gaping how pretty that coord is or how sweet that person is.

I know, that isn't proper answer.

2. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
- I'm both! I don't need much of sleep, to me, it's really easy to wake up in early of morning or stay awake to little hours of morning. I might sound little creep, but it isn't problem to me, if I got only four or something hours of sleep. To balance this, I can sleep almost everywhere! Some of there write a comment that s/he has seen me on train, and while I was sleeping. Some months ago I was fallen sleep while I was waiting next bus to home.. And I was outside, on bus station.

3. If you had million dollars/euros/yen/kronor/squirrel's hides/whatever what would you do with it?
- I would put that to my bank account and save for later, when I'm graduated from school. Yeah, that sounds really boring while you were waiting that I would travel to Japan and buy shitloads of burando, and give the half of moneys to charity. But no. I'm piece of shit with money.

4. If you could remove one thing from the world, what would that be?
- Stupidity of humans, because of that we've greediness, because of that we've war, inequality.. u name it

5. What kind of weather do you like?
- Something around ten or fifteen degrees, bit cloudy, when it isn't problem to wear wig, and it's dry so I don't have to get heart attack everytime when car comes nearer than ten meters.

6. Would you rather lose both of your legs or your dominant hand?
- Oh my fucking god how sadist you could be that's almost as bad if you asked me would I rather lose my free will or my writing skills.. If I lose my legs, I can't dance anymore, but my dominant hand.. Thanks my father genes, my "dominant" hand isn't that dominant, my both hands are pretty dominant..

But still I say that I rather lose my legs, because then I will get prosthesis (and then I would be next Para-Olympic winner!!).

7. What is your favourite food?
- Food. Everything. It just have to be   f o o d. (but not chicken.)

8. Where would you travel if you'd win a free trip anywhere?
- That's easy, I would want to travel to Japan. Hohohoh, I'm boring,


9. What do you hate the most?
- Look my answer of 5th question, but also unwillingness to make own things better, too hot weather (yes u freaking 30 degrees are too much to my sanity!!) or too cold weather and billion meters of snow (yes 'cuz in Finland we haven't that thing "school cancelled because of snow/cold 'cuz everyone thinks that we're some freaking polar bearr. lemme tell you secret, we aren't.)

Hahah, but really, I'm not that brat over those weather things, I know that in Finland we've some border for coldness, but that border is something what is for outside-PE and breaks. So.. yeah..


10. If you could change the world, would you?

And yes, I might be that lazy ass "lolita fashion" blogger who might stuff her "lolita blog" with something.. which isn't that lolita. Please, be patient with me. But never mind, than you so much for your time ~ ! And if you read the whole post.. omo!! You're fighter!

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