26 July 2013

Polka Dot Chocolate

Hi ~ ! I don't know what to write, so lets just look what I've bought!

Yeah, sorry about not so pretty pictures, but I didn't get better when the sun was so b r i g h t! I mean.. wow. That amazing light appearance in Nordic sky! Kekekeke.

That Angelic Pretty's (Polka Dot Chocolate) JSK is the simplest of my JSKs, an it's so light! That whole jumper skirt is even lighter than Twinke Carnival's skirt, and by that I mean it's like you were wearing air/nothing. Yup, I know it's different fabric than Twinke Carnival/u name it but still. I got a summer dress for winter. 

Well.. I've planned coord for it already, I'm just waiting good opportunity to wear it. Oh and yes.. I've to also wait that swelling in my face goes bit down.  (I'll tell you later what happened to me. ) But that's everything for this time; thank you for your time! ♥

And yes!  I've gained couple of new followers ~ ! Welcome welcome!  

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