16 August 2013

Findings ~

Hi ~ ! I haven't much to say, but I've something to show you. ^   ^

With my friends we have went around on flea markets, and I've made some.. findings.

Two cardigans for colder days, originally they are from H&M, and two albums from B2ST/BEAST ~ ! ♥ I'm really poor to find anything from flea markets, so that catch is unforeseen! That golden cardigan is found on last June, others are from this Monday.

Aww.. My baby cat isn't anymore that baby! Upper photo isn't that new, Sentti is much more bigger now! But she's still the smallest of my three cats.

But that's everything right now, thank you for your time ~ ! ♥ And yup, I see you new followers: welcome to that show filled with cats and frills!

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