04 August 2013

Ice cream & old train

Hi ~ ! With my roommate we decided to rent some movie, Dragonfly. It was.. shit, it should be a thriller (I'm really sensitive to that kind of stuff.. like Supernatural is way too much to me, also Without Trace and others), and I could say - don't watch, it's just waste of your time. Okay, that's my opinion, but I'm more than disappointed.

We also went Ciao Cafe - once again! Today's choice of ice cream was Tiramisu!

When we were on our way back to home, we saw some old steam train!

blouse, skirt, socks, bag: Angelic Pretty
headbow: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
shoes: Bodyline
necklace, bow clip: some local stores

My wig is dying - I've saved it now couple of times, but low quality.. is always low quality. Oh, and that thing why my face was swollen, (like I shortly mentioned here ), I got new medusa in middle of my upper lip! My piercings is the most loliable thing.. Kekeke, just kidding.

But thank you for your time with that post ~ ! ♥

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