23 August 2013

Ribbon Sherbet Jacket and more ♥

Hi ~ ! ♥ 
Hopefully you don't really mind, that I post some shopping stuff again, I'm pretty sure that my school stuff isn't that interesting.. But nevermind. (But it's my last year.. omg. Then I'm an adult? Or not?)

But back to business!

I was looking for some brown liquid eyeliner from Viva La Vida (my favorite eyeliner is their..) , but unfortunately I didn't find any (they have only black liquid eyeliner, and then "normal" eyeliners in color of brown). I decided to buy and test that GOSH's brown liquid eyeliner.

I'm not really satisfied - it looks almost black, and that brush/tip is really clumsy. 

And.. new bb cream from SKIN79. I'm trying it for very first time (soon), my last bb cream was from Holika Holika. Dont' ask about that "wrinkle improvement" or "whitening"! I've to admit that I bit panicked while I've to change my beloved bb cream to new one. So.. decisions while hyperventilating over some make up. You feel me? (Bit drama queen right here?)

Okay, my intention wasn't just blabber over make ups, because I haven't any ability to write about make ups and their pros and cons. I just use them while hoping I look tolerable!

But back to (real) business..

Ribbon Sherbet jacket from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright ~ !

Isn't it pretty? I'm not a great fan of Baby's print nowadays, but yeah.. Baby's clothes were the real first love of mine in lolita, so please, bear with my nostalgic tears!

And hello ~ ! To new followers! Hopefully you all will enjoy that show filled with frills and chitchatting over nothing.

That's all for this time, thank you for reading.

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