22 September 2013

Animal-themed Meet Up!

Evanee hosted themed meet up at Helsinki, yesterday, 21.9. Because our meet up location was Finnish Museum of Natural History, the theme was animals.
I had really good time, and I really can't describe my thoughts about yesterday.

photo © Kaichi

Uh, some really blurry picture of my outfit, my camera (Nikon Jr.) is worthless, I really should carry my Nikon Sr. with me.. But yeah.
Blouse: Ank Rouge
Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Boots & bag: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Headpiece & choker (somewhere in the blurriness): handmade by me
Tights: local store

Cheese cake! ♥

After our tour in museum, we went to Café Ekberg. I've to say that I've one really special reason why I really enjoy Helsinki-meet ups: I've great opportunity to see more capital city, and go to different places with great people (who can tell to witch way I've to run in the end of meet..!)

And, I promised - finally - that I stop promising that "I'm early back from meet up" - that will never happen.

Tired lolita going back to home!
Oh, I've to tell one really funny conversation between two males while I was leaving bus. They were almost in same age as me, and they were guessing things about me.
Guy1 : "Hey look! Bridesmaid!"
Guy2: "No, she has flowers in her head, she is POKEMON!!"
* they are bickering something about me and my skirt*
Guy1: "NO! She is a hobbit!"

But thank you for your time! And well.. hello-oo to new followers!  Lets enjoy together about funny conversations and meet ups! ♥


  1. Oltiinhan me menninkäisiäkin :D

    1. Ai niin tosiaan! Pirun jääräpäisiä menninkäisiä jotka kävelevät punaisia päin! :D

  2. i'm sooooo stupid. oon miettiny jo ainaki kuukauden että mikäköhä sun blogin osote on nykyään ja VIHDOIN löysin sen!! Oon jotenki kumminki aina unohtanu kysyä asiaa sulta:D mutta siis jeeee oot hirmu nätti ==) juustokakku näyttää semihyvältä.......:D

    1. Haha :D Itellä ei ees tullu mieleen..! Se kakku oli kyllä hyvää, vuossadan sokeripommi taas!


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