04 September 2013


Hi! I've been sick on the last couple of days, so finally when fever is gone and I'm only coughing my lungs of, I'm going to school tomorrow! Finally! *victory dance* But! That's also great reason to kick that blog back to life. I got challenge from Essi couple of days, weeks, years  or something like that back then, so, lets get that challenge done.

Rules of this challenge:

1. Each challenged have to tell 11 things about herself
2. You also have to answer to challengers 11 questions
3. Challenged has to create new 11 questions for new challenged
4. You need to challenge 11 bloggers who have 200 or less readers
5. You have to tell who have you challenged
6. Don't challenge back to the person who challenged you

11 things of myself:

1. I'm really afraid of being late! It's really common joke among my friends, that I'm over half an hour on bus stop waiting bus! (My roommate swears every morning that soon it's the day when we're waiting bus at 6am to school. Our bus goes about at 8.)

2. I'm really self-critical, it almost in unhealthy level, I can't stand any kind of mistakes in my works, and because of that I'm usually really stressed.

3.I don't eat poultry, and it's sometimes problem, because in our school chicken is really common food. (Then I go my day with salad/bread.. It sucks if it's that really long day..) And I don't really like potato.

4. My favorite colors are baby blue, really light lavender, baby pink.. But still I often wear black.

5. I read fanfiction, and I also write it.

6. I've three names and my last name is really long, and even my last name contains two really common Finnish words, almost everyone is even once written it wrong. It's also some joke among us.

7. I've three cats, and I'm hoping to get one more, but my roommate is highly against it, so I'm saying that she will not get her freaking python here.

8. I've told that I'm really loud and my laughing sounds like some cold and evil 90's anime character would be laughing. Or like some monkey would be raging. Or then, it's just soundless and I've told that then it's really creepy.

9. I laugh a lot, I talk a lot, I eat a lot.

10. I tried drink coffee with milk again, but I can't. I prefer black coffee still. It's one hell of drinking coffee on morning; it feels like it will never cool enough to drink.

11. I stopped collecting manga some years ago (I've something like 200+ now..) but I still might buy some books still, because I've "ongoing " series like Kuroshitsuji (in English) and last is Chobits (in English).


1) High heels or wool socks?

I think that wool socks.. It's already really chilly here (last night I was sure I'm going to freeze..) And fun fact; I own 42 pair of wool socks!

2) If you could be somewhere else just now where would you like to be?

I'm not sure, I'm really satisfied that I'm home just right now. But if you aren't satisfied with that, I would say that I would want to go Lapland to see my grand grandmother.

3) Thing you have not finished?

There's illegal amount of things what I haven't finished! Couple of books.. Couple of sewing projects.. Couple of writing projects..

4) Person who inspires you?

That's still really hard for me, to say who inspires me, but I will say that generally those persons, who are proudly what they're, that they don't mind about nasty comments etc., and that they're purely what they want to be: not because it's "in" or "if I'm like that, I'll get fame etc.".

Those persons, who still be truly their own selves.

5) What is your favorite drink and food?

Hohhohoho, my weak point is coffee, and Rainbow's Ice Tea, and I really like Chinese food. But also homemade food. And hot chocolate..

6) What would you like to change in your room?

Ugh.. I would hire someone to tidy it right now, because it's so messy right now. But I really don't know, I'm pretty fine with it now!

7) On what are you totally hooked to?

Coffee, I'll get really bad headache if I don't drink my morning and evening coffee.

8) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Old fashioned Chocolate!

9) What is your favorite song?

Right now I've listened really much Lolita23Q - Bad City adn generally really much ScReW and Super Junior. But I can't say my favorite song, it depend so much on other things. (But Super Junior's It's You is always really good! And Ryeowook's Maybe Tomorrow.)

10) What's your favorite weekday?

Friday and Saturday ! Yayayayayayay!

11) What is first thing in your wishlist?

In my lolita wishlist some new blouse/socks/accessories/can't desided/needs everything, and in other wishlist: clothes. (I've been focused too much to my lolita closet, that I really haven't any casual clothes..)

My Questions:
1. Which do you prefer more: hot shower or hot bath?
2. Have you been in another country, where?
3. Who is your style idol?
4. Have you get new friends from Internet?
5. Do you like candies?
6. What is your favorite smell/perfume?
7. If you would be some really important person of your country, what you would do?
8. Are you good in Maths?
9. Have you dreams and hopes?
10. What kind of music do you like to listen?
11. Have you had a good day?

And I challenge! I'm sorry that I challenged less than 11 bloggers..
Shadow life

Yep, that was everything for this time! Great points to you, if you read the whole post! And how many of you guys noticed how I was repeating "coffee, coffee, coffee": that means: it's time for coffee!


  1. Täältä löytyy toinen joka ei tykkää perunasta! Ja se on aika huono juttu kun sattuu oleen suomalainen , koulussakin on perunaa melkein joka päivä :D.

    1. Älä muuta sano! D: Ei se mitään että kumiperunat eivät mene yhtenä päivänä: seuraavana päivänä ne ovat paistettuja kumipottuja!

  2. Voi ei löysin sun blogin vasta nyt, ja pakko sanoa että olet aivan upea lolita! ♥ Lisäksi olet tosi nätti!

    1. Apua, kiitoksia kamalasti! >//////<


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