25 October 2013

Drink Me ~ !

Guess what ~ ! I've made small purchase some times ago (kkkkk ~ ) and after fighting against customs (ok, I bit overstated it now.. I'm sorry. U__U) t h a t skirt made its way to my wardrobe!

Angelic Pretty's Drink Me miniskirt!

And now you should be like:

"miniskirt?!?! And you claim yourself as lolita?!?!?

While I'm...

Okay, I really understand if you don't really like when I put gifs everywhere in this post.. But back to to the main point. ^^

The Details!

I've to admit, that waistband/-line was the main reason why I wanted that skirt, and now when I know how it's made. (there's some hole rubber band, very first I was bit disappointed when I noticed it (I was like eew.. cheap..), but then I get bit better with my waistband-frustration: now I've great chance to get it small enough!!) Oh okay, I'll stop it now, but it looks so short.. It's really almost 20 centimeters shorter than Melty Chocolate. But it's cute.

I also get challenge from Katka


Linkkaa henkilö, kuka haasteen antoi

Link back person, who gave challenge to you

Haasta 5 blogia, joilla on alle 200 lukijaa

Challenge 5 new blogs, which has less than 200 readers

Laita heidät jakamaan haastetta ja viemään haastetta eteenpäin

Make them to continue that challenge and bring it forward

*wow my translation skills will cost my life soon..

5 asiaa, mitä tarvitsen joka päivä

5 things, which I need every day

- Coffee
- Company
- Internet *cough cough*
- Time for my own toughts
- Music

5 3 kirjaa, joita oikeasti ja todella suosittelen
5 3 books, which I really really recommend.  

- Linda Olsson - Laulaisin sinulle lempeitä lauluja (Let me sing you gentle songs)
- Ransom Riggs - Neiti Pedegrinen koti eriskummallisille lapsille (Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children)
- Karin Fossum - Hullujenhuone (De gales hus)

I think that book isn't translated in English, I'm not sure..? Somebody knows better?

5 materiallista toivomusta joululahjaksi
5 materialistic wishes for Christmas presents
- wool socks
- couple bundles of Juhla Mokka (coffee)
-  food for cats (I mean money, I'm bit picky about what my cats eats nowadays ^^)
- Christmas dinner with my dearest people
- chocolate, chocolate ~ 

And really, I don't wish any presents, I just want sleep, and eat. And cuddle with cats, and sleep, and eat.

5 paikkaa, jossa haluaisin käydä

5 places, where I want to go

- Japan
- France
- Great-Britain
- a cat cafe
- uhm... Stockholm ?

5 adjektiivia, jotka kuvaavat minua

5 adjectives, which describes me

- Spoony
- Hyper
- Toughtful
- Straightforward
- Stubborn 

That's everything right now, thank you for your time!


Thank you for your time to write a comment ~ !