13 October 2013


Hi ~ ! Long time no see! I've been busy with school stuff - I've now on-the-job learning period ant it takes all those juices out of me. But regret nothing ~ ! Today was such lazy day, I made some html-stuff for this blog (.. it's working.. right?) and I shortly visited on my grannies.

Sissi, the photo bomber

jacket & shoes: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
"hat": made by me
hair clip, rings & necklaces: Chocomint, some local store

JSK & blouse: Angelic Pretty
bag: MILK
tights: some local store
Gooosh that wig (and even dress!!) shines like no tomorrow, one reason why darkening days bothers me.. It's almost impossible to get good picture with yellowish, unnatural light.

Chihcu enjoying when leafs is falling.

And hello and welcome welcome to my new followers ~ ! I've some request for you; I planned that I would keep that Q&A-thing when I reach 50 followers, but I somehow forget it (U__U), but are you interest in that kind of post? Or have you any other post ideas?

So, shortly I'm asking what kind of "special" post you would like now?

But thank you for your time again! ♥


  1. Sulla on niin söpöjä asuja♥

  2. Heitin sulle haasteen!

    P.S. huonepostaus tms. ois kiva!

    1. Haaste otettu vastaan!

      Pitänee pistää korvan taakse! ^^


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