10 November 2013

Father's Day

Hi ~ ! ♥

It's Father's Day today here in Finland! I spent it with my grannies, we went to eat to Manhattan Steakhouse, and then I offered cake and coffee here, in my apartment.

I decided to wear really simple outfit (I had lack of time.. again...), and because I re-dyed my hair today.. It was No-Wig Day for me. (Okay, and that was grande catastrophe for me, as you really know, I can't do anything to my hair.)

Aaaand gloomy facial expression is always gloomy facial expression, I was worrying about bad lightning and same time I was trying to teleport my roommate (aka my highest court photographer) to take my outfit photos. (It didn't success at all. She came couple of hours later while I was burning our house down cooking.)

JSK & blouse - Angelic Pretty
Boots - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Bag - MILK
Tights & hairclips - local stores, clips re-made by me
Cape - Fan+Friend

But, that's everything for this time, thank you for your time!


  1. Söpis asu, no millon sun asut ei ois söpöjä..hih ♥
    Ei tukka näytä pahalta, aikas söpöt pallurat oot tehny, otsatukkaa voisi vähän siistiä vaikka kihartimella tai suoristimella. ^^

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Haha, se oli näitä vartin lähtöjä taas, otsiksenkin leikkasin takasin nyt ensimmäistä kertaa kesän jäljiltä (ai mikä viiden minuutin kynintä??) .. TT__TT Kiitoksia kommentista!


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