09 November 2013

Piece of Cchuboi's life: my room

Hi ~ !
Well.. I'm already promised couple of times that I'll make post about my room. Surprise surprise ~ I did it! (lets not talk about that first promise was billion years back then, when I tried to complete 30 days lolita challenge. I never complete it, lets not talk about it either.)

Well, my room isn't overly cute or interesting at all. Usually I just sleep here, or be in war with my closet and well.. pour my heart into my diary.

"Why there's pillow next to your bed???!?!?" - It's bed for my cats! Usually Sissi sleeps there, but later on night he will come next to my pillow.. On day time, that pillow-thing is my "nightstand" for my diary and other stuff.

As you can see, these photos are bit older, there's green trees still! Photos are from early September.

Some details then.

But now my room looks like hurricane went through it, and I should tidy it now, because I'll get guests tomorrow. Eheh..

Thank you for your time!


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