02 January 2014

Casual, casual oh boy so casual (28.12.2013)

Or.. The tittle would be rather "school day casual vs. too lazy to put lolita casual", or the last outfit photo of 2013, but never mind. Because I can't stand boredom and loneliness together, I take my time and went to spend my time to flea market. Through the rain.

skirt: Angelic Pretty
boots: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
cardigan, blouse, bag:  flea market, hand made, H&M
tights: eBay

Poor quality photo of my simple make up. Nowadays I mostly use my glasses, so.. Not much of glamour or cuteness. (*cough* false lashes, I miss them.)

Being student + lazy ass as hell + needs more coffee during morning hours = black.
But I've pink hair a g a i n ~ ♥

I miss them so so so much ~ ಥ_ಥ (yeah, I look like I'm ready to kill some one.. But.. I was just listening what my friends were talking (!!!) while trying to take good selca and then there was teacher and and..)
Back to business ~ ! Tiny tiny, so tiny little things for lolita. ~ 

That very first, choker, is just some prototype *cough cough*, sax hair clips are re-made from some Tiimari's hair clips, velvet ribbons for hair, and head bow.
(You don't want to see my patterns or fast plans for a blouse. Imagine some crazy amount of pen lines, a lots of curse words because I can't remember my own measurements/can't find my measuring tape and my friends takes my concentration away. )

I had good day, I found nice little things.

Cute dress, simple golden cardigan and blouse. Lets take a better look of that blouse, yeah, I'm ridiculously proud of that blouse.

(wrinkles wrinkles oh well wrinkles)

It's pretty fine? Okay, there's polyamidi lace, but well, I paid 1,50 €, so I'm not going to complain.

But well yeah, that was everything for this time! It's again new year, and that's the first post of 2014 ~ ! YAY! I wish and hope really great and beautiful year for every of yous!


  1. Toi ensimmäinen asu on niin söpö! Tekis mieli alkaa kans ostelemaan kaikkia söpöstelyvaatteita *__*

    1. Aww mahtava sana, "söpöstelyvaatteita"! Alan käyttää tota kanssa! ^^ Ja kiitoksia. >/////<


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