21 February 2014

Desucon Frostbite 2014

"That freaking first ever R18 anime-themed convention in Finland."

And, very first I've to make some tiny notification for you: during February and March I'm making my final thesis, so I'm stressed, tired, moody, hungry and freaking busy, so I'm not updating much! But after March I'm coming from my dungeon of final stress, so, wait for me, please?

But back to Desucon Frostbite!

I was mostly spending my time with my friends and new friends (ok, mostly with my roommate, sometimes we take "break" and spent our time with different groups..?), going around the area, spotting interesting cosplays, laughing while our two friends were stopped all the time for photos (they were cosplaying Mortal Kombat's Mileena and Jade (I remember right..?) ^^)

And well.. We ate, and we ate..

Friday's outfit

On Friday I shortly visited on con, just claiming my ticket. Because it was Valentine's day (forever alone-day), I took my time in Cafe Kariranta, taking my daily dose of sugar in the form of hot chocolate.

© Väänänen
JSK, blouse, socks - Angelic Pretty
bag - MILK
boots - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
hairclips - local store (bows), hand made by me (hearts)

Saturday's outfit

It was rather short day: we slept late, I was too slow to make myself ready, so this is almost half-decent outfit, I forgot breakfast, I was being anxious about something (dunno, school, breakfast?), But the day gets better, we meet more our friends, we get dinner on my Grannies', and then we headed to Frostbite's night party, I had good time.

© Väänänen
Skirt, blouse, bag, headbow - Angelic Pretty
Shoes - Angelic Imprint
Other headwears: Chocomint, local stores

Sunday's outfit

Because of party we were late back home (but still too early), Sunday morning was painful. I planned to wear Dreamy Dollhouse, but I was feeling too lazy and making decision towards casual clothes, but then..  *waving white flag* I over-use Twinkle Carnival.

Blouse - Ank Rouge
Skirt - Angelic Pretty
Bag - Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Tights - eBay
Socks - local storeShoes - Angelic Imprint

My friend got shock because of these tights ~ ! kkkkkk

Okay, my headwear is one unholy mess, but roses from here and there, some made by me, and oh my poor favorite wig gets so messed during that party. Necklace is from Moon Bunny ~ ♥

(But for being an active lolita, I've incredibly small closet. Need more dresseeeesssss ~ !! )

That's everything for this post! Thank you for your time, and b i g *hug* to new followers! You're making old and tired Cchuboi cry.

// Random "fun fact-time"! Nowadays I really grave tea when I'm making new post for blog, so, that day isn't different: I've day-off so, what is better than shortly update a blog? I was just uploaded pictures and arranged them, making my way to make some tea, but! We drunk our remainder green tea last night..! So.. I've to make myself look proper human being and make my way to get some tea..


  1. Voi miten suloisia asuja! *__* <3
    Muistan kun nappasit ton Ank Rougen paidan, mitä kyttäsin liian pitkään ja se meni..psst. muista mua, jos sitä joskus myyt. ;)

    Olis ollu niin kiva päästä k-18 coniin, tosin kuullut paljon erilaisia mielipiteitä tapahtumasta, mutta silti..
    Tsemppiä koulujuttuihin! Fightoo! :D

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Awww kiitos >/////< haha, täytyy juu yrittää muistaa, jos joskus tulee tarvetta myymiselle. ^^

      Suosittelen vain, meininki oli rentoa ja paikat olivat siisteinä, pääsi jopa kulkemaan ilman että luuli kompastuvansa jonkun keskellä käytävää norkoovan lauman jalkoihin.. ^^ Ah, thank you.. sitä tarvitaan... =__=

  2. Kivoja coordeja! Mun lemppari oli toi eka, tuli jotenki nii sellanen oi söpösöpö!-fiilis :D.



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