22 March 2014

"Always someone gets lost"

Hi ~ ! ♥ Being mature (...duh...?) and well educated (...duh...?) part of citizen, we went to watch play to city theatre on Thursday night! 

Let me tell more stories of my hectic week! On Wednesday night we went with Roommate to Helsinki to some trash metal concert (Toxic Holocaust and others), it take a lot of time to get back home: first the last train which goes straight to Lahti goes 10pm or something, and we left the Nosturi past 11pm, so well yeah. No can do, after painfully expensive (night fee...) and long train trip we get back to Lahti, but the last bus to our home was went around 10pm o'clock so lets walk..

And of course, being mature and hardworking student, I've making my portfolio almost non-stop (this morning also, it was very first thing to do after making some coffee.), and.. it's almost done! I've win this fight against my graduation! ♥

Well, back to that play, it was one called "Aina joku eksyy" (Always someone gets lost), and it crawls itself  so deeply under my skin, that I was crying while watching it. It feels horrible to cry there when everyone were just being chill and in some part laughing while I was afraid that soon I'll really bawl my eyeballs off.. (Really sweet.)

Long time no see Baby's skirt with unholy long name!

Long time no see my face that clearly!
The next week will be so.. so exciting! I've my seminar, I'm going to.. well, I'm not going to tell it now, later kkkk (next week, I promise! kkk), and oh yes! I didn't tell you, but I started driving school..! I'm being so hyper right now, I'm pretty sure that you can't tell it through the screen, but well. I've that feeling that right now, my life is going to the right way, that finally those "good times" are coming, and well.. I'm just being me, overly pessimist but still now happy and calm. (As calm I will ever be..!)

And omigosh, we've get new followers ♥ thank you and welcome, get a seat and enjoy ~ ! Oh, and yes, if you get some idea about what to post more or something like that, let me know. I'm not forcing, but well.. Everything us up to you.

Irrelevant gif to demonstrate upper statement.

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