10 March 2014

Housewarming party & Hello still here-post

Hi-ii ~ ! 

Long time no see, duh. 

Being busy with school (duhhuhhh, losing my precious brain cells with that semester..) and then I've filled my spare time with animals;  two ponies, and nowadays I'm working as volunteer in animal protection (kittens here and there, dogs here and there..)

Some days, weeks, months, years.. ago I took apart to Minja's's housewarming party. I had really good time, and oddly for me, I'm craving more time with other people, so if someone just calls I'm coming. kkkkk Well, back to business, thank you for everybody and especially for Minja, of course. ^^ All those sweets and foods and.. coffee and everything. 

And still I'm continuing my rebelling: I don't have pictures. Excluding outfit. Goosh, I've to improve soon/next time.. And thank you Ilona for photo: that was the only one usable out of twelve (derp...ish....) photos.

(okay, i was telling stories: I found another-not-that-messed-photo..!)

JSK - Angelic Pretty ♥ blouse - second hand
socks - off brand/etc./second hand/etc. ♥ necklaces - local store ♥ headwear - made by me
(and when I'm nervous I'm curling up my toes..)

Trying to make that post bit longer with next part.. ^^ But well, I've that habit when I'm feeling bit down, I go to and spend money to my cats (that reasons why my cats is fat I've almost always two or three kind of snacks for them..?) and to myself: usually in the form of cosmetic. So, the kind mail person get me eyeliner (nowadays my only true love...), powder and lip tint.

What you do when you're feeling down? Am I alone with shopping therapy?  And oh my, welcome to new followers! ♥ Come here, come here, take a seat and try to stand with me and my chitchatting. But well, that was everything right now, that was really needed time off from my school works, portfolios and other documents. Thank you for your patience.


  1. Ihkusöpis ^__^
    ..eikä derppailut haittaa, vaikka laittasitki, ne on just muikeita :D

    Ihanan söpöjä nuo babyface meikit! Mistä muuten tilailit?
    Joo on kans probleema, että nihkeällä fiiliksellä shoppailee, etenkin nettishoppailee.. x)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Ja sit nihkeellä fiiliksellä oottelee postisetää.. x)

      Oon ny noita korea-meikkejä tilaillu törkeesti eBaysta, en oo silleen jaksanu muutaku miettiä että joskus vois ihan ns. oikeesta nettiliikkeestä tilata, mutta kattoo kun jaksaa säätää niiden kanssa. :''D

      Ja kiitoksia >< miun derppailut on vaan sellast mato matala-meininkiä että juoksisivat kaikki karkuun. :''D


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