27 April 2014

New things! ♥

Hi ~ ! I'm really sorry about lack of updates.. I don't even know why, am I waiting something important to happen that I would update? Duhhuhh dunno, but one thing, or two I know! For first, I've to new skirts, and so, that post is filled with them. ♥

Angelic Pretty's Trump Carnival (2010)

The seller from our local community sold it with name Playing Cards Carnival, so I don't know which one is most common name to this print.. but whatever, new color addition to my closet: black!

I'm really hyped about this skirt.. It's color combination of my favorite colors, and most used also. ^^ (My casual wear is mostly back x black, so my school mates will get easily shocked when they will check my FB page kkkkk)

Angelic Pretty's Kuru Kuru Ribbon!

I'm pretty happy with this skirt - I've usually thought that nah, that skirt isn't for me, but during past months is somehow grown into me so.. duh. Here it is. I get better detail photos with this skirt, so let them fill the end of that post!

And the second thing what I might to know..? That blog needs more my persona, that little sarcastic cat lady, so lets see will I ever get it out of her closet.  But now it's just words - I'm thinking some renovations - they might come true, or not. But, whatever, thank you again for your time and patience! ♥


  1. Kaks mun ehdotonta lempparia! Haluisin varsinkin ton kurukuru ribbonin mustavaaleanpunaisena!

    1. Hahah, sullakin on hyvä maku kkkkkk ~ kuru kuru ribbon toimii mielestäni kans todella hyvin mustavaaleenpunasena, maybe someday you will get them! ~


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