10 April 2014

Sushi meet up! ♥

Hi ~ !

I take apart to meet up, which was hosted by Katka. As title says, we went to eat sushi, and I've to admit that was my very first time to eat sushi (or anykind of Japanese food..) at restaurant. The restaurant was called as Umeshu. Geeez, and now I'm just waiting next time when I have chance to eat sushi. I'm a big eater..Such fatty-chan is living inside of me..

But well, back to story, I was crashing over night at Katka's place. On Friday she was meeting me at railway station, where we went to the Ounce. It was my very first time to visit there, and I want to go back already. as you might remember, I wasn't that great fan of anykind of tea, but miracles happens all the time, so nowadays I don't see any reasons, why I shouldn't drink tea..

On Saturday before the meet up, I get my very first bubble tea..! I didn't make that great mix.. but well, maybe next time! (kkkkk I'm like new born child in the world of tastes: making mistakes and falling on my butt all the time.. Or falling in love with new tastes..)

Weekend's "first times": The Ounce, bubble tea, sushi (restaurant)
Back to the story. Gooosh, I really liked that meet up, and enjoyed my time there, and as Katka said on the morning, that she has great feeling for this day, I can pretty surely say that she was right. That was pretty awesome day. I can happily say, that I'm really waiting next sushi meet up!

Photos under this text is taken by Katka, so big thank you for her.

The group photo, excluding Katka, who was taking that photo.. ^^
Hurrrr... I was freezing when that photo was taken.. so cold that spring wind!

skirt, bag, headbow - Angelic Pretty || shoes - Alice and the Pirates || blouse - hand made
wristcuffs - chocomint || necklace, tights - some Finnish seller, local market
Bonus pic! Me writing some serious(...?) stuff into Katka's meet up-book!

That was everything for this time! Thank you for your patience and attention. ♥

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