01 April 2014

Tallinn, again!

Hi you little coffee beans ~ ! ♥

Shortly, my final thesis: it's done! ♥

No worries about it anymore ~ *happy happy*
I broke down after my thesis seminar: I cried after my speech (I was last to say anything ~ ) and oh goooosh I cried a lot, but nah, now everything is out of me and I'm free to run against new challenges! (I've to get that driving license.. must.. to get..) But, enough of that. 

Last week (yeah...?) I take my frills and take my way to meet Ilona and her roommate after school, I spend night over them, and next morning we take.. rather fast leave to the Tallinn. Before boarding to the ship, we met their friend, who came with us.

(Ilona takes such good pictures!)

I've lots of goof pictures!

Before I even could get my trip to start, I've to spend some great amount sitting on class (theory classes for that driving license), it was great opportunity to take some selcas ~ kkkkkk (We were waiting our teacher...)

That was everything for now, thank you for your time and patience. ~
(I'm on good mood la la la laaa ~ if you can't tell it ...^^)

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