22 May 2014

Clothes as black as my coffee (Quick Update)

Hi ~ ! Just really quick update, including some casual outfits from that week. Our school year is comings its end (our graduating is soon, soon soon ~ !), and in fact, we delivered last pieces of clothes to our customer today, so.. the feeling is really free and happy, relieved after a stressful months!

Bur, clothes, then. The summer weather (+20 Celsius and sometimes more..!) is here, and it really surprised me.. I'm still bringing my jacket every time to school..

Monday's poor mirror shot, at school while waiting others..

And selca..  And you can see that blouse bit better from that pic. ^^

On Tuesday our group took school trip to Helsinki, so I decided to dress up bit more. Unfortunately I didn't get good pic of the whole outfit.. But it was bit more romantic and girly than my other casual outfits. ^^ Hahaha ~ 

On Wednesday I'm wearing black (again) and cats on my chest ~ haahaa!

On Thursday I'm being holy mess of styles! Cat top is one of my favorites, while I'm using second time harem pants made by me (making those patterns was fun ~ !), and I think I like them..? I found that belt (wrapped around my wrist) today from flea market, as I've found those round-framed  sunglasses some weeks ago. ^^

(I'm looking so angry, wtf??!)

And some morning pic from this morning ~ ! Sentti is grown up as fine, beautiful lady, my little baby. ♥ (Eating my Hello Kitty-shoelaces because she can!)

Thank you again your patience with me ~ ! What you think about if I keep posting sometimes my bit more casual outfits, or are those just too plain and boring..? But, what ever is your opinion, I want to say big hello to new followers! ♥ Welcome, welcome, take your seat and pet some cats!

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