04 May 2014

Twinkle Carnival and May Day

Hi ~ ! 
I don't have much to show/tell you, simply the basic, but hopefully it's enough! On last Saturday I took really, really quick trip to Espoo, and then to Helsinki, and then, back to home. I felt bad because of my cats - I do really long school days till graduating, so I feel my cats are too much alone. But, back to story. I ate my way trough the Saturday kkkkkk. ~

I always coordinate Twinkle Carnival in that way..! Shame on me!

Second time in the Ounce, I learnt that Japanese green tea might be my thing someday, and definitely black tea isn't my thing, not back then, not now, not in the future. And thank you Katka for these two photos!

My birthday is nearing, so I get surprise from Katka - the cat can for tea! ~ ♥ Okay, my heart of crazy cat lady is thumping really loudly. I also bought some tea.

Bonus pic will be my outfit for May Day! How I would put it into words..? Well.. it's lolita still, but I still prefer more sweet-ish look. I made that dress to match my graduation cap, but in the pic I'm wearing just white bow.. Your opinion..? 

That's everything for this time! Thank you for your time, and patience! And welcome, welcome new followers. ♥

//edit some typo: I was talking about "skirt" when in fact I'm wearing dress..!

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