14 June 2014

New things vol. XX ♥

Hi ~ ! 

I'm going to update shortly about my (not so) recent purchases.. And same time I'm trying my best to catch with blogging, I'm not sure am I really behind with my (planned) posts, or am I just imaging a whole thing. But well, time will show it itself, so lets not think about it now. I would remind (mostly for myself tho that I'll not freak out hehehh) that these things is bought between Hellocon (in February) and last Saturday (in Creme), so well.

Tea cup bag from Angelic Pretty, my very first bonnet (!!) and Twinkle Carnival OTK's from Angelic Pretty

Dreamy Dollhouse barrette and heart bag from Angelic Pretty
I have to tell you I bought the barrette and the bag from egl_comm_sales, and it was my first time when I bought something through it..! Very exciting, I've to give you that, because I'm usually really shy to buy anything.

I'm pretty sure that someone would say that Twinkle Carnival is weak spot for me (no comments ehhee), but I've to admit that Dreamy Dollhouse has been really big frustration for me, because of its color, so, now I'm happy with it. 

Demonia shoes and AatP shoes, you might spotted AatP's shoes couple of times already. Hehhe ^^
Aaa, I've to share again bonus pic with you heheh ~ Chichu doesn't really appreciate the timing of my photographing. Poor old lady.

That was everything for this time. Thank you for your patience. ~ ♥


  1. Voi mitä ihanuuksia, ihan sun näköisiä nuo pastellilaukut :D
    Oi ku tykkään noista aatp-kengistä *___*

    Ihana uusi ulkoasu ♡

    ~ Frillycakes ~

  2. Haha, kiitokset..! :P Ja kiva että joku huomasi muutoksen ulkoasussa. ^^


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